Government Flowers.

On the table there is an empty glass water bottle holding marigolds my mother took from the plot outside, which technically belongs to the government. How she manages to justify this with all her political views and party involvement I don’t understand, but I’ve long reconciled with the notion that my mother’s madness has no method, no modus operandi.

The sky gets so dark at night here. I look out from behind rusted shutters and can only hear the sound of the waves.

School starts in less than two weeks.

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  • Wow. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love your blog. First of all, it’s styled like a book, even the text and colours – which I love. And secondly, you’re word choices are beautiful, even in such a short post. I so bookmarked your site. I went to your about me page, and loved it, I love how you talk about yourself in third person, and your witty comedy is amazing.

    You’re my inspiration of the day…. hell, the year maybe. 😛 -Bookmarks your site now-

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