Um. I Was Never Very Good With (Partial) Good-byes.

So I’m not going to be here! Where I will be is the summer territory of no Internet connection, which logically means no blog posts. Unless, of course, I manage to hack into the neighbor’s WiFi (highly unlikely since I fail at what the young people refer to as being a hackz0r). K has a NERF gun I could threaten him with, but I’m told they have no bullets other than those of the spongy plastic variety. Besides, this week I’m pretending to be a pacifist (next week I’m going to be a non-conformist, so if you happen to spot me holding up a pinkie or widely referring to the general population as “squares”, do not be alarmed).

But returning to my original point, Errant Sock shall be on hiatus for the next month. Until most probably late July or early August. It’s a while, but I shall be having fun (hopefully), you shall be having fun (hopefully) and the world will not come to an end as a cause of the twitpocalypse or a meteorite (hopefully). As far as I’m concerned, it’s all good.

I’m back.

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