There’s Nothing Quite Like The Sharp, Sour Shrewdness Of A (Long-Distance) Friend.

hells to the yes, emma!
I can’t wait to be an adult. not to drink or have sex or smoke. (i can do all of those things now and not get caught anyway LOL) but because i think life will be better because im actually living in the world. not the little bubble we call CSG or school in general i want an apartment in the city. I want cats and an aquarium full of colorful fish. I want a job that I like or at least dont hate. i want to learn. not just memorize and regurgitate like I do now but actually LEARN things that will stay with me forever. i want children and im not waiting for a husband to get them. actually im not even waiting for a man to have kids. i think i’ll swing by the sperm bank on my way home from work…XD my mother complains about adulthood all the time. by the end of the day im like “gimme the damn car keys I’ll go get the milk. you just sit here and plot the ships route from varna to whitby. then convert to nautical miles. then add the hours and divide by miles to get the average speed. oh and dont forget to color the map” ~ Hersh

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  • So….I miss you… and I know there is an email gathering dust in your inbox from me(: I’m sure you’re in the mental olympics of exams by now but once summer gets here I will pester you with random emails every lunar cycle until you respond hehe

    Em edit: Jeez Louise I adore you Hertz. I promise you will have a LENGTHY response soon.

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