The Messiah Of Social Graces.

What is it that irritates me about your supposed “code of morals” ? How you employ it in cases of resentment, to amplify someone’s mediocrity. How the rules are outdated, and sometimes figments of your imagination. How you use it to judge, spitting out the words “IT’S ONLY PROPER” or “IT’S GOOD EDUCATION” when something is done that you just can’t agree with.

Oh, we’re all hypocrites, but insisting on modern concepts and gasping at ancient, respected ideals while simultaneously gripping onto nineteenth century etiquette makes you the quintessential charlatan. How can you pretend to be disconnected from preconceived notions when you are unable to fix your stereotypes? How can you insist on your status as a liberal, demean this religious group, point fingers at that politician, spread slander as though you are a righteous, free-thinking individual?

Who must adhere to what you deem is civilized? Who has agreed to your definition of what is correct? Who has given you the right to insult our upbringing?

I, Emma, formally withdraw from your law of decorum. I am the exception, the thoroughly savage human being. Go ahead, excommunicate me from your protocol. Tell me I haven’t brought up properly. Tell me I have no decency. Tell me my lack of courtesy makes me no different than a beast. It’s all well and good, darling. I’ll offer you the most impolite grin I can muster whilst gleefully waving good-bye.

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