Wish Me Luck.

I went to the hospital today. I was stabbed, mutilated and covered in goo various times. It was not fun.

It turns out I have a cyst. In my right ovary. It’s most probably a dermoid cyst, which is sometimes filled with diverse types of cells. And by diverse types of cells, I mean hair and teeth.

Yes, that’s right. TEETH. In my ovary.

Today is thus a day of many firsts. First cyst. First ultrasound. First time doctors have thrown around words like “cancer” and “tumor” with reference to me.

Because my cyst is partly solid, see? And my mother had ovarian cancer. Which puts me at a high risk of having developed a carcinogenic cyst.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

I’ve lost a lot of blood, so I’m going to go lie down now. I’m going to put my hand over my belly, and think about what might be growing there.

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