You Will Not Outlast Me.

When the dentist suddenly picked up that three-pronged, sharpish, scythe look-alike, I’ll admit to have been just a bit scared. But other than that? Getting braces wasn’t that difficult. The dentist was the kind of woman I’d love to have as a grandmother and, despite her rather spasm-inducing choice of profession and her Hannibal-worthy weapons tools, SHE DID NOT ATTEMPT TO DISMEMBER ME. That makes the expedition a success, ladies and gentlemen.

During the taxi ride home, I realized that Obama had given his speech while I had been getting metal strapped to my teeth. They were re-playing the entire affair over the radio. The driver subtly began raising the volume and, upon seeing that neither I nor my father objected, blasted Obama’s voice through the windows.

We crossed the bridge, I resting my chin in the palm of my hand, concentrating on the nuances of his tone.  Everything was so, so quiet.

Happy Inauguration day.

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  • Sooo happy about Obama. /and interested to see what he actually does now. Braces hurt like crazy but hopefully your orthodontists are nicer!

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