Miller-Urey Experiment And Why I Can’t I Evolve (Chemically)?

I’m re-reading what I’ve been writing and, to be honest, it’s pretty baffling. EMMA IT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE OBVIOUS TO THE INTERNET THAT YOU ARE MENSTRUATING.

I find it difficult to compromise the different concepts of the human being evolution has deemed we become and the human being the modern world insists we are. Yes, I am the kind of person who asks these questions. My teachers routinely look at me and go NO EMMA METAPHYSICS IS NOT THE ANSWER.

I think that because certain events in my life have always been a little difficult to understand, turning to the reasoning in scientific texts and the austerity of explainable phenomena has helped me come to terms with my feelings. I can make stalwart little buildings with color-alternating Legos.

I feel sick today.


  • bahaha
    your first comment cracked me up, and here I was thinking that our 4 hr IM conversations on love had finally made a crack in your hoover dam of “biological/chemicals in brain/sciencesciencescience/natures trick to get us to reproduce etc etc etc”

  • My husband continually tries that and fails. Miserably. He’s a big, sobby mess over having to leave me on my birthday. So much for Science…

  • life is a combination of robots, karate, outterspace, t-shirts, and haircuts. actually if you want to be scientific, life = robots + karate x outterspace – t-shirts / the square root of haircuts

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