Pfft. Mondays.


Most loners are able to act “normally” in a social setting. However, the strain of being in a situation which is uncomfortable may leave some mentally and emotionally exhausted. They may have to retreat for a significant amount of time before being able to do so again.
The typical loner exhibits more of the personality trait known as introversion than the average person. They are drawn to solitary activities to the detriment of social ones. This may be due to both innate personality traits as well as life experiences.

This used to define my life. I’d come out my little world, socialize for as long as society deemed necessary, exhaust my fake smile, pretend empathy, whatever. I’d be left empty, completely hollow. I’d retreat back, take a couple of deep breaths before re-emerging. The cycle would repeat itself over and over again. It was a while before I realized that, though I might be an introvert, I had to learn to chit chat, to function in an environment full of people. I had to be able to make friends, to get over my inherent shyness. Because whether I liked it or not, I was surrounded and outnumbered. I would be a fool to ignore that.

The day is rather yellow today, a saffron-like color. I want to spend all day looking at the shiftshaping shades of the sky.


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