In A New Place.

Conscience Round has found its name from the phenomenon of the blank cartridge in firing squads. It doesn’t sound very happy, does it? Not at first glance. I like it though.

Comments are once again enabled after a three month long break, so comment wherever and whenever you want (that means you, Hershey). The tagline randomizes everytime you visit (but not when you refresh).

I’m terribly fond of new beginnings. Here in a room with chipped walls and a boombox playing Oldies songs and a dirtywindow view of a greenflagsea a beginning seems like the most perfect thing to do.


  • BTW I would very much appreciate it if you got out of my head because you currently have the password to my computer in your post.

  • New places are good. Fresh starts are very good. I’ve been through a few of them myself.

    I like the new look — very clean. I also like the fact that I can comment again. 🙂

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